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I have moved around throughout my life and with each move I feel renewed possibility. I’m exposed and unsure of how I fit but at the same time lit up with anticipation and energy. I’m dislocated and suspended but comfortable with this feeling. 

This movement and accompanying sense of otherness feeds my work. Continuing on from a childhood spent immersed in drawing and colouring in I refer back to those pursuits, picking up various paints, oil sticks and pastels to explore wanderlust and the nature of belonging through the lens of my otherworldly, pathos-tinged and often playful paintings.

My early years were spent living across the Middle East and Southern Europe before I moved to London intending to study painting. But side-tracked by a chance encounter I spent a couple of decades or so in the music business as an artist manager before finally picking up my studies and graduating with an MA Fine Art from the Reading School of Art. I currently live and work in Edinburgh.

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